■ Mission ■


    Our mission is to support the students who want to 


Challenge the world !

    Challenge in English !

        Challenge at We'll !


 Yes, we really want to support your challenge with a strong will.

Our logo below expresses our determination. 


■ Origin of our school's name ■

  The official name is "We Will Learn Languages, INC."


It means・・・


 "We will (=We'll) help you to learn languages with a strong will."

■ Guideline  ■

Item Content
  Official name of our school  We Will Learn Languages, Inc.
  English School Name  We'll  English Academy
  Address  Ayang's Place, Rovira Rd., Bantayan, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental, PH, 6200
  Location  Five - ten min. from Airport by car or tricycle, Ten min. from downtown by tricycle
  e-mail  info@well-english-academy. com
  Web-site www.well-english-academy.jp(English) / www.well-english-academy.com(Japanese)
  Capacity  20 students
  Year of establishment 2013
 Facility Studio type, Apartment(Living Dining+one-bedroom)




■ Acreditaion ■

We'll English Academy is the first ESL Academy that have gotten TESDA acreditaion and SSP acreditation in Dumaguete city.

     TESDA acreditation


     SSP acreditaion