■ Greeting ■

    I have worked for 33 years in both a big Japanese enterprise and an American golf company as president. My duties required me to take many business trips to Asia, Europe and the United States.   

 After my slightly-early retirement, I was wondering what I can do with my business experience  to help the younger generation become more globalized. But I didn't know what to do and most importantly, how to start.


      Finally, an opportunity came in December of  last year. I had the most memorable English learning experience for one month in one of the ESL schools in Philippines. It was a really exciting month!  


      At that time,  I was convinced that by establishing an attractive ESL school, I can help the younger generation become more prepared for globalizationHaving an ideal ESL school in the Philippines and sharing my experience with younger people became my dream. 


     Our motto is "Not the Biggest but the Best".  Now we are a still small school, but with very charming high-quality teachers as well as a unique curriculum with original teaching materials, we are proud to have the highest level ESL school which is unmatched.


     Why did I choose to build my school in Dumaguete?


 Honestly, I fell in love with the place a few days after I came here. The people here are kind and helpful, the city is safe and clean and there are a lot of places to visit. No reasons to find other cities!      


My wife and I are waiting for you to come to this attractive city, which is called by Filipinos "The City of Gentle People".


September 2013

Masaru Hirayama

President of We'll English Academy


◆Representatives; Academic & Vocational Career

CEO masaru hirayama

1980   Graduated from Keio University / Entered Yakult Honsha Limited., In charge of accounting, financing and management of overseas subsidiaries.

Entered Suntory limited., In charge of financing, budget and M&A projects.

2006   Entered MacGregor Golf Japan limited., CEO of Japan & Asia.
2012   Resigned from the above.
2013   Established the non profitable organization ESL School "We'll English Academy" in the Philippines. 

President junko hirayama

1979   Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies / Entered the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Tokyo., In charge of  secretary.

Doctor of developmental psychology

2006   Associate professor of Nagoya University 
2013   Established the non profitable organization ESL School "We'll English Academy" in Philippines.