■ Building and Site ■


We have two campus, Main Campus(@ Bantayan) and Premium Campus(@ Junob).

Both school building is stylish. It is designed to be a luxurious dormitory-like. 


You can learn in your comfortable single rooms all with private bathrooms.

The quiet environment  assures you concentration to learning.


At Premium Campus, we have a splendid pool in our site, where you can swim and relax in their break or after school.

We also have a gym with latest machines, where you can challenge to strengthen your muscle or diet with trainers.


In both campus we have a security gurard at night at the site.


◆Premium Campus

◆Main Campus

■ Accommodation  ■


We have 4 types of room as follows;

  • Standard Room: Single room of regular style with single bed, 【@ Main Campus】
  • Standard Plus Room:   Twin room of regular style with  two single beds 【@ Main Campus】
  • Superior Room: 1DK(1 Bedroom & 1 Dining) type room with a quin-size bed【@ Premium Campus】
  • Superior Plus Room: 1LDK( 1 Bedroom & 1 Dining/Living) with a king-size bed【@ Premium Campus】
Room Type Campus (Area)

Room No.

Good for ^^ per room

  Standard  Main Campus(@Junob) No.1-5、No.8-10 one
  Standard Plus  Main Campus(@Junob) No.6,No.7 one or two(at the same time)
  Superior  Premium Campus(@Ayang's in Bantayan) Apt.1-15 one - two
  Superior Plus  Premium Campus(@ Ayang's in Bantayan) Apt. 16,17,18 one - three

Standard Room


✔ Heater shower ✔ CR ✔ Air-conditioner ✔ Single bed ✔ Table & Chair ✔ Studying light   ✔ Cabinet ✔ Wifi    ✔ Shared Refrigerator   ✔ Shared Water-Server 

 hot showe, window-type AC, mini-refrigerator,


【Good for...】

- I like simple and cozy room.

- I want to stay at minuim expense.


Standard plus Room


✔ Heater shower ✔ CR ✔ Air-conditioner ✔ Twin beds ✔ Table & Chair ✔ Studying light   ✔ Cabinet ✔ Wifi    ✔ Mimi Refrigerator   ✔ Shared Water-Server 


【Good for...】

 Good for couple or family up to 2. 

- I like a mini RF inside the room. 

Standard & Standard Plus Room【【@ Main Campus】】

Superior Room


✔ Heater shower ✔ CR ✔ Window-type Air-conditioner ✔ Kitchen  ✔Quin-size bed ✔ Desk & two Chairs ✔ Sofa  ✔ Satellite TV  ✔RF ✔ Water-server ✔ Closet ✔ Wifi ✔ Free gym & pool use.


【Good for...】

- I need bigger bed to sleep.

- I like wide room.

- I want to watch TV.

- I want to enjoy pool and gym.



✔ Heater shower ✔CR ✔ Split-type Air-conditioner ✔ Kitchen ✔ King-size bed ✔ Desk  & two Chairs ✔ Sofa  ✔ Satellite TV  ✔RF ✔ Water-server ✔ Closet ✔ Wifi ✔ Free gym & pool use.


 【Good for...】

- I need bigger bed to sleep

- I like wide room

- I want to watch the TV

-  Good for couple or family up to 2 or 3) 

Sperior & Sperior Plus Room【【@Preminum Campus】】

 Superior & Deluxe Room

■ Pool & Gym ■(@Premium Campus)


We deliver this video under the name of 【We'll English Academy: See and feel how the Learning in Philippines!】




We have gorgeous pool just like as in 4-star hotels.

The pool is 7m × 22m wide, the biggest private pool in Dumaguete city.


The students who stay at Superior or Deluxe room can use it free.



We also have the cool gym which is equipped with the latest model of machines.

You can ask trainers how to shape up yourself(option).


We think that the high quality of facility is very important for comfortable stay in a long period.


We are, then, proud of cool and cozy building.

The new students who enter into our site are likely to say, "Am I really in Philippines?".


We have a security guard at night at the entrance of this site.