■ FAQ ■

◆Entry and Stay

Q.1    What is SSP(Special Study Permit) like?

     The SSP (special study permit) is a permit that allows you to study here in the Philippines.This is granted to people who enter the country on a tourist visa ,but is enrolled in a school, such as an ESL school, in the Philippines. Acquisition is mandatory for those who study (short-term) in the Philippines. A fine of 20,000 pesos is imposed by the Bureau of Immigration on violators, or for those  who take classes here in the country without first obtaining an SSP. Should a foreigner be found to attend school without first obtaining an SSP, he/she may be fined or deported.
     This SSP is issued by the Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines,which is under the Department of Justice. The validity period of SSP is 6 months.
      As needed, upon your arrival, the school may assist you in obtaining SSP.

◆Preparing for your travel

Q.2    How can I pay the tuition?

     We would like to ask you to pay 50 % of the total amount of tuition in advance(excluding the elecetric fee, textbook etc) through the remittance mentioned below. The rest of 50 % is to be paid on arrival in cash.


     Of course you can make the total amount of payment in advance. Only for those who pay the total amount in advance, we would like to offer complimentary pickup service( from the airport to our school) and provide textbooks for free.


     As for the remittance of 50%, you have two options, which are

(A) Remittance to Principal “PayPal” account via your “PayPal” account.

    (remittance charge to be free)


(B) Remittance to our school’s bank account via your account.

   (remittance charge to be paid by you)


      Please check the procedures below.

〈Option A 〉

    The invoice will be sent to you by email from PayPay ( service-jp@paypal.com)

    Then you can make the remittance according to the instruction of“PayPal “service.

    ※ The account of PayPal is the Principal's name (Masaru Hirayama).


〈Option B〉

  We will send the invoice by email.

  Then you can make the payment following the instructions in the email.

  The bank account is the school account of Philippines as mentioned below.

  ※Note that the remittance charge should be paid by you.( Approximately 4,000 Japanese yen or more)


    【The account information】

① Bank name  : Bank of Commmerce
② Branch:036-Dumaguete
Accout Name:WE WILL LEARN LANGUAGE,INCAccount number
Account Number : saving account 036-20-005320-1 PHP

Q.3    Precautions when purchasing air-ticket?

     Please be aware that you will be denied entry of Bureau of Immigration of the Philippines if you only have a one-way ticket upon entering the country. Please make sure that you purchase a round ticket (Japan-Manila-Japan or Japan-Cebu-Japan) or a ticket from Philippines to other country, so that you will be able to satisfy this provision of the Bureau of Immigration, and enter the country legally.

Q.4    What else should I need to check and prepare?

     Please make sure to check and prepare the following:
  a) The validity/expiry date of your passport.
     Your passport should be valid for at least  6 months starting on the date of travel 
  b) Overseas insurance to be joined.

◆School life

Q.5    Can I use the Internet?

   The school is equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, and you may use it for free.
   However,the speed of the connection may be a bit slower than in your home country, as internet lines here are still not that stable.


Q.6    Isn't there any problem with the English of Filipinos?

     English is the official language of the Philippines because they were educated in English starting from their elementary school years. Most, if not all Filipinos can speak English. The more educated ones, though, can speak with a neutral and even native accent. For this reason, many Western companies have set-up their call centers in the Philippines recently.
     The teachers of ESL School We'll can speak English fluently and dearly. You may hear the video messages of our teachers from our school website by clicking on this link "video message of teacher".

◆Life in the Philippines

Q.7    Is the city free from outbreaks of deadly diseases? Are there hospitals nearby?

     According to the information from the  Ministry of Home Affairs, serious illness such as malaria in the Philippines is very low,so  there is no need for  vaccination.

     For your medical needs, there are three major hospitals in the city. The closest from the school is  Silliman University Medical Center, only 5 min. by padicab from our school. The hospitals here follow high medical standards, so you can be at ease .

Q.8    Can I use a credit card?

     You may use a credit card in malls, big shops, and big restaurant with in the city.VISA, JCB, MasterCard and DinersClub are most popularly accepted. However,to do cashing in ATM's with the CIRRUS and PLUS signs using these card,it mat require an advance application to your bank, and fees for ATM use may apply, as per bank rules.

◆Filipino national holidays

q.9    What days are the holidays in the Philippines?


【National Holidays in 2024 are as follows】

月日 曜日 祝日  

 New Year's Day



 EDSA  Revolution



 Maundy Thursday



   Good Friday



 Black Saturday



 Easter Sunday



   Araw ng Kagitingan






 Labor Day


  6月12日  Independence Day  
 8月21日  Ninoy Aquino Day  

 National Heroes' Day


 Negros Oriental Day


 All Saints' Day


   All Souls' Day


 Charter Day Celebration


 Bonifacio Day


 Immaculate Conception  
 12月24日  Christmas Eve  
 12月25日  Christmas Day(R)  
 12月30日  Rizal Day  
 12月31日  New Year's Eve  


R= Regular Holiday(We are sure to have holidays.)

SNW=Special Non Working(Probably we are having holidays. The possibility is 50~70%.)

No mark=not decided yet (Inquire in advance.)