■ Tuition Fees ■

For our curriculum, we have two advantages as follows:


✓ every lesson is given 1-on-1 in a private PLace.


Every lesson is one-on-one (one student with one teacher), which insures you the maximum learning effect as shown in the below photos. We can flexibly arrange the subjects that you want or need to learn.


✓ Our Materials have been originally compiled so that students can learn most effectively


As our materials are originally compiled, our students can systematically learn from basic to advanced levels of English.


◆ Standard Room【@Main Campus】

Course Guideline

French student Caty and Teacher Jimarie
French student Caty and Teacher Jimarie


Students will have more than 6 hours of one-on-one lessons per day.


As for subjects, you can choose freely among "Grammar & Writing", "Speaking", "Pronunciation", "Reading", "Listening",''Recreational English", and  "Free Conversation",  depending on your needs.

Tuition Fees (Unit; US$)

Lesson/per Day    2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks


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※Tuition fees, accommodation and meals are included (meals will be breakfast, lunch, dinner on weekdays only). 

※Free laundry service and room cleaning two (2) times a week.

◆Superior Room 【@Premium Campus】

Spanish student Rafle and Teacher Miranda
Spanish student Rafle and Teacher Miranda


Students will have more than 4 hours of one-on-one lessons per day.


As for subject, you can choose freely among "General","Grammar & Writing", "Speaking", "Pronunciation", "Reading", "Listening",''Recreationalole English", and  "Free Conversation", depending on your needs.


Tuition Fees (Unit; US$)

Lesson/per Day    2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks 8 weeks


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◆Other Expenses

The expenseS below are necessary for all students.

Content Amount Remarks
Admission fee 100 US$  
Pick up  900 Pesos Airport to Academy one way
SSP fee 5,740 Pesos Effective for 24 Weeks
Visa extension fee - 1st time

3,200 Pesos

1st extension. No need within 30 days
ACR-I Card fee 3,000 Pesos No need within 68 days
Material fee Actual cost Depending on your level & needs
Electric bill Actual cost    


 ※ These expenses(except admission fee) are expected to be paid at school office upon arrival.

■  Stay-out(Walk-in) students ■


If you accept the below terms and conditions, you can enroll as an Stay-out students(Walk-in students).

But in peak season, the priority would be on Stay-in Students.


We cannot accept online application in advance.  

We will have a face-to-face interview with president or maneger after you are here at Dumaguete City.

Just get an appointment for the interview by Contact Us.