■ Teachers ■

We think that the quality of teachers is critical for students' achievement and satisfaction.

To ensure the highest quality of learning, our employing procedure, therefore, is very strict and challenging for the applicant to satisfy.


Teachers ,of course, must be excellent not only in English but also in their pronunciation, educational passion, intelligence, and personality.

We check all of these aspects through 4 steps; a written paper test, their demonstration, an interview, and training sessions.  


Our process is so competitive that only one candidate among thirty is selected. The strict discipline required and difficulty to pass is well known even in Cebu City. Seven teachers, who used to be the teachers in recently closed ESL schools, tried to gain employment with us, but failed to qualify.


Let us introduce our teachers.


◆Our excellent and charming teachers

 Teacher Apple

 (Head Teacher)

Teacher Jen

 (Assistant Head Teacher)


Teacher Romar



Teacher Mimi


Teacher David

(American Native Teacher) 

Teacher Ava



Teacher Thessa 


Techer Neressa


Teacher Liza



Teacher Ann 




Teacher Grace 

Teacher Verlyn

Teacher Jamaika 

Teacher Princess 

Teacher Edryl

Teacher Ercel